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We design and plan high tech and high touch experiential learning.
We collaborate with the Faculty to develop management simulations, role-playing games, web-based solutions and interactive assessment to promote innovative learning tools.

Let's explore them.


Management Simulations allow participants to live a complex managerial situation and to experience their management skills in the given context and scenario.


Topic: HR, People Strategy
Author: Beatrice Manzoni, Gabriella Bagnato

People Strategy is a management simulation on people strategy.
Participants are in the shoes of the HR Transformation Officer of a real company in charge of redesigning the organization (structure, processes, rewards and people practices) to execute a new strategy.

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Topic: Operations
Author: Alberto Grando, Iolanda D'Amato, Sara Mitterhofer, Alonso Pena, Leonardo Etro

Global footprint is a simulation on operations and project management.
Participants redesign a footprint elaborating an operative relocation plan, initiating specific mitigation actions and assessing their impact on the project Gantt, balance scorecard, extra-budget and cost-benefit.


People make changes happen

Topic: Change Management
Author: Leonardo Caporarello

Gear is a management simulation on Change Management.
Participants read and analyze a business case study and learn how to plan and execute a successfull change management strategy.

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Investigative Negotiation

Topic: Negotiation
Author: Leonardo Caporarello

Sherlock is a management simulation that allows participants to understand the importance of the preparation phase in the negotiation process.
Participants can strengthen their skills on negotiation by experiencing it first-hand.

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Business Model Canvas

Leonardo Caporarello

Topic: Strategy, Business Modelling, Business Planning
Author: Federico Visconti, Francesco Saviozzi

Start-Up! is a practical online tool for business modelling. Starting from a business idea, participants can develop a business model for a new product, a new service or a start-up.

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Linking global sourcing strategy and firm results

Topic: Stock Management, Inventory Control, Networking Capital
Author: Giuseppe Stabilini, Marco Bettucci

Stock Management allows participants to manage the stock of a commercial company with its own distribution chain.
Participants make decisions about the supply chain and the management of distribution. They learn the causal realationship between their decisions and the company's profits.

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Managing IT Risks

Leonardo Caporarello

Topic: IS Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Management
Author: Gianluca Salviotti

IT Risk is a business case simulation on Information Systems Risk Management.
Participants read and analyze one or more case studies and learn how to identify, manage and avoid IT Risks.

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Topic: Strategy
Author: Francesco Saviozzi

Participants read, analyze and answer the questions about a given business case.
They use their strategic interpretation skills to understand and solve the business case competing against other teams.

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Fashion Strategy Game

Leonardo Caporarello

Topic: International Strategy, Competitive Strategy, Start-up, Fashion
Author: Elisabetta Marafioti

FAST allows participants to devise an international business strategy for a start-up and compete in the classroom as they would do in the real world.
FAST enables participants to put into practice their action plan and understand how to fine-tune their strategies.

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Failing successfully

Topic: Team Management, Project Management
Author: Leonardo Caporarello, Beatrice Manzoni

Participants review the real story of the construction of the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh. They play the role of an external consultant, who is in charge of evaluating the project.
Holyrood allows participants to explore team and project management challenges in a complex project, identifying what went wrong in this specific project.

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Story Telling

Leonardo Caporarello

Topic: Team Building, Leading Teams, Team Dynamics
Author: Leonardo Caporarello, Massimo Magni

Participants play the role of the team leader in a dynamic and complex scenario.
They experience team dynamics, learn how to resolve conflicts and understand how people's different backgrounds and roles can affect the team decision.

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LBM Business Game

Managing Luxury Business

Topic: Strategy, Luxury Strategy, Growth Strategy
Author: Luana Carcano

Inspired by a real case, LBM Business Game is a management simulation on the growth strategy of a medium-sized company in the luxury business.
Participants can experience a strategic decision-making process of a luxury company and learn how to apply it in other business contexts.

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A Negotiation Simulation

Leonardo Caporarello

Topic: Negotiation

Handshake is a role-playing game on negotiation.
Participants can learn the basic principles of negotiation, by experiencing it first-hand, assess their behaviour and understand the different negotiation techniques.

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Profitability, Pricing and Market Performance

Topic: Marketing, Pricing
Author: Silvia Vianello, Fabio Ancarani

SiFa is a management simulation that allows participants to assess their marketing strategy.
They learn the metric principles of marketing and calculate and analyze, in real time, NMC (Net Marketing Contribution) and NPC (Net Profit Contribution) variance.

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Foreign Market Selection in Industrial Goods

Leonardo Caporarello

Topic: International Business Strategy
Author: Gabriella Lojacono

3M Case Sim is a management simulation based on the real 3M Case.
Participants can understand and use a methodology to gather and elaborate real data to select three pilot countries for the launch of a new product.

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Food Business Case Simulation

Topic: Food, Strategy
Author: Massimiliano Bruni

Maremma Salumi Srl is a management simulation on the internationalization of a food company.
Participants analyze and assess what decisions to make and what actions to take in the context of an internationalization strategy.

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The Online Learning Tools allow a real time co-generation of contents in class, facilitating participants' knowledge sharing and learning process.


Live Case Discussion

Leonardo Caporarello

Mnemos is a live case discussion tool, that allows participants to analyze a business case and create their personal analysis pages for the class debriefing.


Online Instant Poll

iFeedback is an online tool that allows you to create, in a few seconds, your mobile instant poll.
You can launch the polls and show the results, in real time, in class or during an event.


Assessment is the process of collecting, analyzing, interpreting and using responses gathered from participants, in order to track their learning progress.
Data can be collected before, during and after the course.
Participants can receive individual reports and discuss the results in class.


A Webinar is an online seminar, accessible even from mobile devices (Tablet and Smartphone), that makes the interaction in real time with participants possible, through instant polls, a Q&A session and a chat.

A Learning Pill is a registered video-class, always available in a reserved area, by all devices.
Blended classes include also presentations and online resources to help participants learning process.


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