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  • Welcome to Learning Lab

    We design and plan high tech and high touch experiential learning to explore new approaches to learning.

    We collaborate with faculty to develop management simulations, role-playing games, web-based solutions and interactive assessments, to promote experiential learning and innovative learning techniques.

    Our solutions engaged participants in real-world exercises that challenge them to apply principles they have learned during the courses.



    Learning Lab

    Teaching and Learning Empowerment

  • Exclusive Benefits

    We design and develop exclusive learning solutions for SDA Bocconi participants.

    The use of learning solutions helps to reduce the gap between the classroom and the real world decisions.

    You can:

    1. Put theory into practice principles you have learning during the course;

    2. Learn the relationship between your decisions and company's profit;

    3. Learn how to take decision in strategic and organizational context;

    4. Experience complex management scenarios, handle "what if" analysis and consolidate the management techniques learnt in class.

    Exclusive benefits

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  • What's new @ Learning Lab

    People make changes happen

    GEAR is a management simulation on Change Management. You will have to read and analyze a business case study and learn how to plan and execute a successful change management strategy.

    IT Risk Simulation
    Managing IT Risks

    IT Risk is a business cases simulation on IS Risk Management. You will have to read and analyze one or more case studies and learn how to identify, manage and avoid IT Risks.

    What's new @ Learning Lab

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